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Java 자료형 비교 : Double vs Float (Difference between Double and Float)



  • Java에서 소수점을 표현하는 대표적인 자료형으로 Double과 Float가 있다.

    2개의 차이에 대해 알아보자 !


  • A double data type is more precise than float.

    float보다 정확할 뿐 100% 정확하다는 건 아니다.

  • A double variable can provide precision up to 15 to 16 decimal points


  • By default

    floating-point numbers are double in Java.

  • If you want to store them into the float variable

    you need to either cast them or use a suffix ‘f’ or ‘F’ as shown in our example.

public static final float PIE = 3.14; // compile time error

// Use cast
public static final float PIE = (float) 3.14;

// Use suffix 'f' or 'F'
public static final float PIE = 3.14f;
public static final float GRAVITY = 9.8F;
  • A float variable can provide precision up to 6 to 7 decimal points


  • Both double and float are approximate types

    they are not precise.

  • You should use logical operator

    e.g. > or < to compare both float and double variables

    instead of = and != because they are not precise.


  • Precision Decimal Points

    –> double : 15 ~ 16

    –> float : 6 ~ 7

  • Storage Requirement

    –> double is more expensive than float.

It takes 8 bytes to store a variable while float just takes 4 bytes.
This means if memory is constraint than its better to use float than double.

By the way, the double type also has a larger range than float
and if your numbers don't fit well in float then you have to use double in Java.
  • Range

    –> double has a higher range than float

    –> because it got more bits to store data.

When to use double and float in Java?

  • Though both are approximate types

    If you need more precise and accurate results then use double.

  • Use float if you have memory constraint

    because it takes almost half as much space as double.

  • Though be careful with floating-point calculation and representation

    don’t use double or float for monetary calculation, instead use BigDecimal.

  • = double과 float를 사용하면

    부동 소수점 계산 및 표현을 하는 데 있어서 조심해야 하니

    통화 계산에는 BigDecimal을 사용하자 !